Mycotoxins are a big problem in animal rations. They are produced by moulds as a defence mechanism, so are only present when a mould is under stress.
Each type of mould will produce its own mycotoxin making it impossible to know which toxin is present. This makes it vital that a binder works across the full range of mycotoxins found in farm rations.

The most common symptoms of mycotoxins are;

Poor performance
Swollen hocks
Mastitis / cell counts
Reduced intakes
Loss of fertility

Mycobind is a dual action mycotoxin binder which is able to eliminate the greatest range of mycotoxins.

Mycobind is available in 25kg bags and is used at 100g/head/day for the first week and 50g/head/day thereafter.

In farm use Mycobind has proved to outperform other single action products on the market

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