Magnesium Chloride Flakes


Magnesium chloride flakes can be used for drenching or adding to feed to provide 12% elemental magnesium. Available in 25kg bags.

Key Benefits
Aids in the prevention of metabolic diseases associated with magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is needed by animals to maintain normal levels of calcium in the blood.
Magnesium is needed as a co-factor for many chemical reactions in the body.
Magnesium is needed for nerve transmissions, muscle function and bone mineral formation.
Rumen microbes need magnesium to digest dietary fibre.
Cattle cannot store magnesium, therefore daily supplementation is needed particularly if levels of pasture potassium and nitrogen are high.

Feeding Directions

Mix three parts of magnesium chloride flakes/prills to two parts warm water by weight and mix thoroughly. 60ml per cow drenched twice a day provides 10g of elemental magnesium per cow per day.

Water trough
Mixing by volume: Mix 3g of magnesium chloride per litre of water. Increase dose to 3g over a period of 2-3 weeks to enable stock to adjust to the taste. Adding on a per cow basis: Add up to 60g per cow per day through an in line dispenser. Build up to 60g per cow per day over a period of 2-3 weeks to allow animals to adjust to the taste.

For addition to hay or silage
Dissolve up to 60g per cow per day in hot water and pour over straw, hay or silage. This strategy is recommended particularly for springing dairy cows to improve the DCAD of the total diet. Palatability is improved with the addition of 50-100ml of molasses per cow per day mixed with the hot water and magnesium chloride flakes/prills.

Important Notes
DO NOT use magnesium chloride if animals are scouring. Magnesium chloride can be an IRRITANT be careful that drenching equipment has no sharp edges and that cattle do not have mouth ulcers or other oral problems.
DO NOT exceed 60g magnesium chloride per cow per day as a water dosing treatment. High rates will reduce the palatability of drinking water and reduce feed intakes.

quantity to add:

  • Shipping Weight: 25kg