Cosecure Boluses 20


The Telsol bolus shape and weight is designed to stay in the reticulum. The unique glass formulation lasts for up to six months, dissolving at a slow but constant rate. It is the only true dissolving bolus leaving absolutely no residues at all. Some boluses leave Fe or poly-carbonates which may cause unseen side-effects. The constant rate of release into rumen means that no adjustment in diet is needed to compensate for peaks or troughs in rate of release. This saves time & effort formulating diets and maintains animal performance.

Cosecure contains copper. The constant realease of copper into the rumen detoxifies thiomolybdate and therefore reduces it's effect on enzymes in the body, especially LH and FSH. This helps increase bulling activity, conception rates, embryo health and reduces cases of re-absorbtion.

Copper released into rumen therefore reacts in rumen preventing the thiomolybdate problem before it occurs rather than treating the problem. This prevents a dip in animal performance.

The bolus also contains selenium which is released into the rumen, taken up by micro-organisms and converted from inorganic Se to organic seleno-methionine /seleno-cysteine. Selenium is easily up-taken as an organic compound (more bio-available) but not as easily when it is inorganic. Most Se supplements are not delivered directly into the rumen or pass through the rumen quickly and therefore have to be converted to an organic compound before they are administered.

Selenium promotes healthy immune system and prevents White Muscle Disease.

Cobalt is also included in Cosecure released in to rumen at constant rate. Micro flora use Co to synthesise Vit B12 which improves energy metabolism and increases appetite. More efficient metabolism and bigger feed intake increases DLWG in relation to feed given, improves milk yields

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