Neosorexa Gold RTU loose

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Contains 0.005% w/w difenacoum
Neosorexa Gold contains 'fortec' which enhances palatability, is highly efficacious, increases initial intrest in the bait, and enhances natural feeding behaviour (by encouraging foraging activity).

Neosorexa Gold is a palatable all purpose rodenticide based on the advanced anticoagulant, difenacoum. Equally effective against mice and rats, it controls strains resistant to some other anticoagulants. Two or more feeds are required to produce a delayed mortality (4- 10days): most rodents die in their burrows out of sight.

Rat dose :-
100 - 200g bait placed in a nuber of dry locations throughout the infested area. Keep covered using bait stations or similar to prevent access by children or non target species.

Mice dose:-
20 - 30g Place near signs of activity 1 - 2m apart. Follow same saftey precautions as described above.

THis product contains Bitrex to help prevent accidental human consumption.

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