Neosorexa Gold Ratpacks


Neosorexa Gold Ratpacks are sealed plastic sachets each containing 100g of difenacoum bait with Fortec. The Fortec enhances pallatability, is more efficacious, increases initial interest in the bait, and enhances natural feeding behaviour (by encouraging foraging activity). Neosorexa Gold Ratpacks are suitable for use as a convenient general purpose bait, for placement in locations where loose bait is difficult to use and for use in semi-permanent barrier bait points. The bait stays fresh until opened by the rodent. EXPLORE THE SITE: Locate runs, burrows, droppings, signs of damage RATS: Place one or two unopened Neosorexa Ratpacks at each bait point at a good number of bait points in dry locations on runs, in burrows and where droppings are seen.

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  • Shipping Weight: 5kg