Erasor Blocks 3.5kg

Sorex Erasor Rodenticide is an excellent choice of rodenticide that has been specially designed to be able to be used in urban and rural areas, meaning that Sorex Erasor Rodenticide can not only be used in the stable, yard, and field of the horse, but also can be used in almost any other area.

This rodenticide has been formulated to include Brodifacoum which has been proven to be very effective at killing rats and mice that are resistant to other rodenticides, making Sorex Erasor Rodenticide an essential rodentice to use when others have failed at controlling the rat and mice problem effecting your farm, stable and yard of the horse.

Sorex Erasor Rodenticide has been designed to only be used when other rat and mice baiting has failed, and so should only be used as a last resort for when it is essential to try a new kind of rodent control.

This rodenticide is ideal for use as only a single dose is required, meaning Sorex Erasor Rodenticide is highly effective at controlling any rodent problem. Due to this, it is essential that Sorex Erasor Rodenticide is kept away from other animals as these animals will be at more risk than they would be with use of other more common rodenticides.

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