Slurry Boost 1 Kg


Description: A Slurry improver. Use it by either adding it directly to the reception pit or add water and apply over slatted floors. Where possible agitate the slurry to evenly disperse the product.

Improves the quality of your slurry by up to 30%
A product with a totally harmless application
Eliminates surface crusting
Reduces the need for inorganic fertilisers
Easy to apply

Treat up to 350,000 gallons of slurry for as little as 25.75!

Directions for use
For :-
4 months storage use 1kg/88,000 gallons
3 months storage use 1kg/44,000 gallons
2 months storage use 1kg/22,000 gallons
1 months storage use 1kg/11,000 gallons

quantity to add:

  • Shipping Weight: 1.2kg