HM 17 Intensive Grazer



3.0 kg Cancan Late Perennial Ryegrass
3.5 kg Foxtrot Late Perennial Ryegrass
3.0 kg Elgon Late Perennial Ryegrass
3.0 kg Delphin Late Perennial Ryegrass
1.5 kg Comer/Erecta Timothy
1.0 kg Viking White Clover Blend

15.0 Kilos per acre

Long term mixture primarily designed for grazing
High yields of highly digestible grass
Also excellent ground cover, which will help supress any soil borne weeds
Timothy adds good palatability of the sward
White clover adds both protein and trace elements

Sold by area coverage 1 unit = 1 acre

quantity to add:

  • Shipping Weight: 15kg