HM 20 Pig Grazer


HM 20 Mixture Pig Grazer

Hardwearing mix designed for outdoor pigs with good nutrient and trace elements
The chicory has shown to be a natural wormer

1.5 kg Solid Hybrid Ryegrass
3.0 kg Orion Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
2.0 kg Foxtrot Late Perennial Ryegrass
3.0 kg Elgon Late Perennial Ryegrass
2.0 kg Prairial Cocksfoot
1.0 kg Alice Large Leafed White Clover
0.5 kg Grasslands Tribute Medium Leafed White Clover
1.5 kg Chicory

14.5 kilos per acre

Sold by area coverage 1 unit = 1 acre

quantity to add:

  • Shipping Weight: 15kg