We are happy to announce we are one of the first UK based distributor of the new Apitraz treatment strips. This is the first Amitraz based product for sale on the UK market without prescription.
- 99% Efficiency against Varroa
- Not Harmful to Bees
- No residue in wax or honey
- 2 Strips per Hive (1 per Nuc)
- No Veterinary Prescription Required!

What is Apitraz & How Does it Work?

Apitraz® is a veterinary medicine product designed by Laboratorios Calier S.A. for the treatment of external parasitism caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis melífera)1. Every multilayer sachet contains 10 white rectangular plastic strips with two tabs and a marker fold line1. There allow an easier handling and placement of the strips in the hive1.
Apitraz® strip is composed by 500 mg of amitraz1.

Why should we treat?
Because Varroa destructor is a parasite that weaks the bees by feeding off haemolymph. It decreases honey bee body defences and acts as vector of viruses, which will produce serious pathological disorders and will predispose them to suffer other illness, being able to collapse or kill our hives. We should always treat our hives against Varroa in order to protect them and avoid re-infestations of surrounding hives.

It is required to diagnose varroosis in order to know the rate of infestation in the colonies and establish a proper treatment, depending on the season, the amount of brood in the colony and the method of the diagnosis.

In high rates of infestation, the normal physiology of the colony is threatened and we must treat, but we won’t be always able to save the hive, it will depend on the swarm force.

At levels above the 3% in adult honey bees, we should treat quickly, because our bee-hives are in serious danger to collapse.
On the other hand, Varroa destructor is a real plague for honey bees and beekeepers in a majority of countries all over the world. Its control is a matter of global concern of the worldwide beekeeping industry.

Composition: Each strip contains: Active substance: Amitraz 500 mg.
Indications: Treatment of external parasitosis caused by Varroa destructor sensitive to amitraz.
Target species: Honey bees (Apis melifera).
Amounts to be administered and administration route: In-hive use. Use two strips per hive, hang each between two frames of honeycomb food stores. Place the strips between frames where the bees exhibit the greatest mobility. Hang the strips in such a way as to provide bees with free access to both sides, whilst maintaining bee space. Hives types:
• Hives type Dadant, place one strip between the third and the fourth honeycombs and the other between the seventh and eighth honeycomb.
• Hives type Layens, place one strip between the fifth and sixth honeycomb and the other between the ninth and tenth honeycomb.
Strips must be removed after 6 weeks. The strips should not be cut.
Precautions of use and application timetable: The product should be used when the amount of brood is low relative to peak levels. In addition, the product should be applied when the bees are still active, i.e. before the bees form a winter cluster, the exact timing of which can vary between climatic zones. Therefore, levels of brood and climatic conditions must be considered prior to product application.
Withdrawal period: Honey: zero days. Do not use during honey flow. Do not harvest honey during the 6 week treatment period.
For animal treatment only.

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